Belmont Kolmar Towing has been in business since 1947. Our primary goal is to give good service. We work as hard as we can to ensure customer satisfaction.

All the members of our company treat our customers as though they are members of our family. We strive to continue improving by staying informed with all changes in our business and continuing to train and educate everyone.

We are continuing to update our equipment and train our staff so that we may serve our clients better by staying informed about the latest technology changes that may occur.

As we all know, changes in the automotive industry are under constant change and it is our responsibility to stay current.

We use equipment specific to the vehicles we service – from expensive sports cars, trucks and ordinary automobiles, and light machinery, and as well as specialized equipment needing special handling.

We perceive no job as being too difficult for us as we have the expertise to handle anything that comes our way.

In addition, all of our equipment is insured and licensed for your added protection.